Franchise Support: What to Expect from a Franchisor


A strong franchise support system can be crucial to the success of a new franchisee. Learn what you should expect from your franchisor.

Why Support from the Franchisor Matters

The support offered by a franchisor to a franchisee is in the best interest of both parties. A well-crafted system of support ensures the franchisee reaps the benefits of the tried and tested business practices the franchisor has developed over time. A new franchisee is buying this experience rather than learning the ropes of a brand-new business on their own. Guidance and support from the franchisor creates a mutually advantageous business relationship enabling positive outcomes for all.

Support from the franchisor is important during the process of buying a franchise. Franchisees learn a lot about the culture of a particular company and the message of the brand in these early stages. Communication and collaboration are key parts of the buying process and set the tone for future positive interactions. A franchisee learns about the brand’s executive team, goals and expectations are outlined, and trust is developed.

Franchise support matters because it helps a new franchisee acquire the needed tools to open and run their new venture. Support for franchisees also buoys the entire franchise family as the brand’s visibility and reputation expand.

Types of Support and How It Can Vary

The franchise agreement will clearly outline the level of support offered by a franchisor. Types of support can vary and is dependent on the industry the franchise operates within, the size of the franchise, their financial capabilities, and the culture of the company.

Certain kinds of support are common and are typically offered across a range of franchise categories. They can include:

  • Site selection and development: Most franchisors have insight into what prime locations are available and an interest in where franchisees are located. They also help develop the site with on-brand décor and signage.
  • Training: Training of new franchisees and sometimes key managerial employees is typical. Training can occur in a classroom, in a store, at a training facility, or online. Initial training prepares the franchisee and managers to open their business and be prepared to train future staff. Ongoing training enables franchisees to execute new developments within the operational system.
  • Marketing and advertising: Getting the word out about your new location is essential for building your business. Local advertising support is often offered by a franchisor. Depending on the size of a brand, system-wide marketing and advertising is included in your agreement with the franchisor, raising the profile of the business with greater reach.
  • Reduced supply costs: The buying power of the franchisor means the franchisee can maximize operating costs, securing deals for the supplies needed to operate their locations. Franchisors have developed relationships with suppliers of goods and products that benefit the whole system.
  • Ongoing support: Many franchisors provide support to franchisees through their business’s opening day. Some also offer ongoing support to help franchisees become profitable, stay on-brand and on trend, and deliver quality goods and services. Such support may include visits from a field representative or area manager, new product development, technology development, newsletters, meetings, and conventions.

Tailored Living: Superior Support

Tailored Living is the largest home organization franchise in the U.S. and Canada and is part of the Home Franchise Concepts (HFC) family of brands. Since 2006, Tailored Living has been in the business of home organization, supporting franchise owners across nearly 200 territories. Recognized for their commitment to excellence, innovation, and opportunity for potential franchisees, Tailored Living ranks consistently on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 List. 

Tailored Living’s team of industry experts has a combined 60 years of experience helping franchisees open and run their new home organization franchise. Tailored Living offers franchisees superior support and a proven business model. A scalable business with low overhead costs, franchisees benefit from local area marketing programs and collective buying power. Initial training is both hands-on and virtual. Ongoing support includes regional meetings and annual conventions.

To learn more about the strong franchise support system offered by Tailored Living and opening your home organization business, get started today.