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This FAQ section will answer common questions about franchising with Tailored Living.

Your Tailored Living Franchise FAQ Guide

We know you may have a lot of questions about franchising with us, or franchising in general, so our Chief Development Officer, Jonathan Theissen, created the following video to address the most frequently FAQs we get from prospective franchise owners.  We invite you to watch the video,  or you can also read some of our most frequently asked questions listed below. If you don’t find what you need, just contact one of our Franchise Consultants.


Do I have to be a designer or handyman?
No experience is necessary. Anyone who can use a laptop can be taught to design very quickly using our software. The software was built with the knowledge that those using it would have no experience with these systems. Most franchisees are going to start with an installer or two if they don’t want to ever pick up a hammer. Installation isn’t difficult to learn but if you never want to do it, you never have to. We like to think of this as being more of a management-focused model.

What type of background do I need as a Tailored Living franchisee?
Among Tailored Living’s independent franchise business owners, you will find individuals from all backgrounds and work experience. Businesses are run as sole proprietorships, LLCs, husband and wife teams, family businesses and friends working together.  The best candidates are usually sales and entrepreneurial-minded individuals that are goal oriented with some business and/or project management backgrounds. You should be comfortable or willing to oversee hiring and managing employees. While this can be done on a smaller scale with one territory and only one additional installer, we anticipate most of our franchisees will want to be hiring and managing a sales person and team of installers at minimum.

How many employees would I need to run my business?
Our franchise profile ranges from small, 2 person organizations to large executive run outfits. In a smaller organization, the owner may be involved in all aspects including marketing, sales, design and installation. Most often our franchisees start in a home office or rent a small office and as the business grows they move into larger office, showroom or small retail space with warehouse space. As the staff grows the owner tends to focus mainly on management and marketing/ lead generation. The majority of our franchisees do not install the product themselves.

How are Tailored Living franchise territories defined?
Each Tailored Living franchise territory encompasses 75,000 households, minimum, defined by zip/postal codes. Most are over 100,000 households. Territories are protected, meaning there is only one Tailored Living franchise per territory.

What type of training will I receive and what about on-going support?
Tailored Living provides 3-weeks of start-up training -- virtual and hands-on -- at our Training facility / Experience Center in Dallas, Texas, which is paid for by the Tailored Living. You will be given a year (minimum) of outside P&L/business coaching by an outside group of Vendors that we will provide to you to choose from.

Does Tailored Living offer ongoing support after I open my business?
Our Franchise Support team is made up of men and women with a combined 60 years experience in the industry. Support for the franchisee begins immediately after the completion of training, including but not limited to design and sales webinars, an annual convention, and regional meetings. Regional Operations Managers and Regional Field Marketing Managers are also available to provide you with assistance along the way.

What are some of Tailored Living’s most competitive advantages?

  • Design Software: Our proprietary 3D design software allows consumers can actually see before they buy.
  • One Stop Shop: Consumers can purchase whole home organization solutions from just one company ― for all of their home or business needs.
  • Shop At Home Convenience: We provide shop-at-home convenience that saves consumers time and money.
  • Exclusive Brands & High Quality Products: We offer exclusive brands to ensure unique custom looks, and the highest-quality products and materials that produce beautiful results.
  • Locally Run Business: The advantage of being a local business with national support, which builds confidence.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our competitive pricing makes us available to every homeowner.
  • White-Glove Installation: We provide white-glove installation by expertly trained employees.
  • Lifetime Warranties: We have excellent lifetime warranties on our work and products.
  • Customer Service: Our franchise owners provide dependable customer service that translates to complete customer satisfaction.

Who is Tailored Living's customer?

  • Residential Demographic: The Tailored Living customer includes homeowners, business owners and renters who need solutions to clutter and disorganization. We solve problems and replace them with solutions through the magic of whole-home organization.
  • Commercial Business Demographic: Tailored Living commercial clients rely on our expertise for maximizing workspace, increasing storage and improving organization, as well as installing industry-tough flooring that is low-maintenance.

Aren’t Tailored Living’s products a “want to have” vs. “need to have”?
The reality is that a lot of homeowners do not have the ability to buy more house as their needs change, so they’ve determined that they must get more organized in their present space. At the same time as the population ages and the need to downsize occurs, organization solutions become very important in order to fit their belongings in smaller spaces. The closet/garage sector in home improvement is one of the fastest-growing areas as people recognize the physical and mental benefits of being more organized. They are adding value to their properties in the same way a kitchen remodel would.

What is the initial investment?
If you are interested in buying a franchise, your initial franchise fee is $74,950 and you’ll need approximately $109,520 in working capital for tools, equipment, marketing and more.

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