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Tailored Living Helps Families Get Organized for School

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Back-To-School Home Organization Tips worthy of an A+

Every school year offers kids new opportunities to learn and be successful in their classes, activities and friendships. However, a disorganized home can limit these opportunities and add stress to the lives of everyone in the family. 
But closet and garage franchise, Tailored Living, helps families get organized in time for the coming school year. These home organization ideas can help everyone in your home make this the best school year yet!
1. Create a Functional Mudroom—Get your family out the door much faster by applying home organization concepts to your entryway with a family oriented mudroom. Use hooks and cubbies to hold everyday items like backpacks, lunchboxes, coats and shoes. Storing these items in the entryway makes them more accessible as your family comes and goes each day and it prevents the clutter from spreading outward.
2. Create a New Routine—Every school year is a little bit different, especially if kids are going to different schools. Make the transition to those early school mornings gradual by waking the kids up a little earlier each day. Talk to your kids and establish a routine for all parts of the day.
3. Use Closet Organizers—Home organization almost always involves delegating items to specific spaces. Adjustable closet organizers for your kids allow them to put items in specific spaces with the flexibility to change those spaces as they and their items change. Modifiable shelves and rods make all their clothes and accessories more accessible to them as they grow.
4. Color Code—A supplemental home organization idea for your family is to color code certain items, especially school supplies. Delegate certain items to specific colors (all pens go in the orange bin) or assign a color to each family member so that you never forget what belongs to whom.
5. Pantry Baskets and Bins—Organizing your pantry with pull-out baskets and bins, especially near the ground, is a great way to encourage your kids to starting preparing their own lunches and snacks. These organizational tools prevent kids from disrupting your pantry layout by shuffling through shelves, but still empower them to take more responsibility, ultimately saving you time in the morning.
6. Add Labels—Label everything! Pantry, laundry room and mudroom labels will remind everyone who passes through where they should put certain items, like dirty clothes, and where they can find other things, like backpacks and coats. 
7. Drawer dividers in bedrooms—If getting to school on time is an issue, one way your family can prepare for the next morning is to plan outfits the night before. Drawer dividers will not only keep your kids drawer spaces neater, they also offer a specific location where the next day’s outfit can be planned and laid out so getting dressed takes less time.
8. Creating Study Central—There are a great many organizational home office ideas, but one of the easiest and most convenient is to designate one cabinet or area as the headquarters of school and office supplies for everyone. Use bins to hold all the items and prevent scissor, marker, and glue accidents at the same time. Another home office idea is to designate one table, in an office or kitchen, as the study table, so you can keep track of your kids’ homework and give them the chance to help and support each other.  
9. Create a Family Calendar—Soccer practice, PTA meetings, holidays and business trips—the list of family activities goes on and on, and it’s unfair to think that anyone could remember the dates and times of every single event! But if all events are listed in one central location, like a large paper calendar in the kitchen, then everyone can add new events and keep track of the day without too much stress. 
Going back to school is always a great time to get organized! Tailored Living offers wonderful home improvement franchise opportunities and remains the largest whole-home organization franchise in the industry. Be part of our success and help families everywhere! For more information, visit us at http://franchise.tailoredliving.com/

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